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Brian and the shiny star

Brian and the shiny star

Brian and the Shiny Star is the fifth book in the Adventures of Brian series. These therapeutic children's books support children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears through the use of metaphorical storytelling which allows children to reprogram their subconscious reactions to situations and find inner peace in times that cause difficulty or worry. Each book in the collection supports a different situation, issue or thought in a supportive and delicate way through the safe and non-intrusive power of stories. Each book combines both the wonders of a lovely story with these special writing techniques so that they can be enjoyed by the whole family, and they can be enjoyed even if the issue being discussed is not experienced. In Brian and the Shiny Star, Brian the cockapoo is concerned that his Auntie and mummy are sad after losing someone that they love. The story explores what happens to people we love when they are no longer with us and through the use of metaphor and sensitive storytelling Brian helps to protect their innocence whilst allowing them to find peace with a subject that can cause so much anguish and uncertainty.


We would like to offer this book out for loan, we feel it is important that everyone is able to access self help books, and to be able to read about the experiences of others.


There is no charge to borrow our books. If you are outside the Barnsley area we would like to ask for a donation of £2 to help cover postage costs. This can either be paid via paypal to or by direct donation on our justgiving page

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