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Dan's Story

*Why I am taking part in the Yorkshire three peak challenge*

As a Dad to two girls, I can only imagine the heartache that families that have dealt with the loss of a child must go through.

We were very fortunate with the girls, both births were very traumatic and I came away from both realising how much can go wrong and what an emotional rollercoaster it is.

I stumbled across Andy and Henry’s Hope Charity on Instagram.

Our lives took a big turn when we had the girls. My wife had post natal depression and family and friends started to distance themselves from us rather than try to help. We found ourselves very alone with no real assistance. We got by, but lack of any social interaction makes life hard. I believe I was in a state of depression also but kept going and doing the best we could. I found instagram, and started interacting with other Dads. Chatting to others I suddenly found that I wasn’t alone and there were others that could relate to what I was saying and in fact were living very similar lives to myself. Talking like this literally changed my life, my confidence levels increased and with the support of others I pushed myself to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Mental health is starting to get more and more coverage, we all need to be able to talk, and talk without being judged. Seeing the work that Henry’s hope does and the support they give to families is truly inspiring, when the opportunity came up to support Andy with this hike I instantly wanted to be part of it.

Alongside remembering Henry, I look forward to making new friends and raise further awareness of child loss and mental health that surrounds parenting.

Let’s do this lads!

Dan Allison.

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